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Tarp Motor | Fastest 50:1 600W 12V Gear Motor with 3/4" Shaft

Tarp Motor | Fastest 50:1 600W 12V Gear Motor with 3/4" Shaft
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Item #: 9445
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Tarp Motor | Fastest 50:1 600W 12V Gear Motor with 3/4" Shaft
Item #: 9445
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In Stock. Expected to ship tomorrow.

Dump Truck Tarp Motor

Electric tarp motors typically have a 3/4" shaft and can be bolted onto a mounting bracket or onto the side of your cab shield. This 50:1 replacement tarp motor has a universal 5 bolt pattern, allowing you to drop it in as a replacement for any tarp system up to 28', as long as the tarp spool takes a 3/4" shaft. This tarp motor can be easily switched out and will have your electric tarp system back up and running in no time, due to the wide compatibility. Designed for tarp systems on dump bodies up to 28 feet long.

Electric Tarp Motor Specifications:

  • Type: Direct Drive*
  • Gear ratio: 50:1
  • Power: 600W
  • Output Shaft: 3/4" x 3-3/4", with two 5/16" through-holes
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Max torque: 40 NM or 29.5 lb-ft
  • Current Draw @ rated torque: 40 Amps
  • RPM: 90-100
  • Gear: Worm to Wheel
  • Mounting: Three 5/16"-18 bolts
  • Braking: Inherent
  • Dimensions: L:12", W:6.5", H:4"
  • Compatibility: Replaces Roll-Rite Tarp Motor 10310, Donovan Tarp Motor 61G & 61X, Mountain Tarp Motor K0170S, Aero Tarp Motor 0755-623457, US Tarp Motor 13655
  • INCLUDES: Plastic Chrome Cover, (3) M8 x 16mm Socket Head Cap Screws, (5) M8 x 16mm Hex Head Screws
  • Mounting the Tarp Motor for Dump Truck:

    The tarp motor has five M8 mounting holes on the output shaft side of the gearbox. All five mounting holes should be used when mounting the direct drive motor unit to the bulkhead (drilling new holes or welding the gearbox or other parts of the unit will void the motor's warranty).

    Opening, separating, or otherwise tampering with motor and gearbox will void warranty.


    The gearbox has a 3/4" diameter output shaft with two 5/16" diameter through-holes. To minimize stress on your motor and gearbox, avoid the use of oscillating loads and attach tubes as straight as possible to the output shaft.

    Electrical Installation

    Complete a thorough check and installation of all wiring while all cables are unattached. Where necessary, securely fasten all wiring to adjacent structure using cable ties or conduit.

    Recommended gauge of wire: 6 AWG

    Instructional video:

    *Due to electric motor efficiency and electric power available from your vehicle's battery or alternator, these units are rated for intermittent use. Use for short periods of time only, allowing it to cool between uses. If your motor becomes too hot to touch, stop operation and allow it to cool.

    Please feel free to Contact Us with any Questions. Thank You!