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Lumber Tarps for Flatbed Trailers

Lumber tarps are designed for use on flatbed trailers, where loads must be kept dry and safe during transit. They are typically best suited for longer, taller loads, such as stacked wood, wallboards, and other materials that can be damaged by rain, UV rays, or road debris. But no matter what you're hauling, it is a good idea to keep a selection of lumber tarps for flatbeds due to their durability, size, and ability to be secured. Each tarp is made of 18oz vinyl and features three rows of D-rings and a tail flap so you can thoroughly and tightly secure your load. A well-secured tarp won’t flap or billow in the wind, which means less drag on your vehicle, which means better fuel economy, which means better savings for you.

We offer two sizes, 27ft long with 6ft drop, and 27ft long with an 8ft drop. Excess fabric can always be tucked up under the sides with strapping the tarp to the bed of your trailer, but if you know you’ll only be taking loads stacked 6ft high, then the smaller one might be the best option. We also feature a “Lite” version which utilizes 14oz vinyl on the sides, thus reducing the overall weight while still holding up until light to normal use.

For other sizes and applications such as steel or box tarps, view all Flatbed Trailer Tarps here. Or, if you do not see what you are looking for, please Contact Us and we will try to find the best tarping solution for your flatbed trailer.

Our PVC vinyl lumber tarps are:

  • completely waterproof
  • available in heavy duty and lightweight styles
  • feature a 6'-8' drop to provide adequate coverage for tall loads
  • feature multiple rows of D-rings to provide ample tie-down and
  • reinforced in all heavy wear areas to assure extra strength and durability

Blue Lumber Tarp on Flatbed Trailer Blue Lumber Tarp on Flatbed Trailer Black Lumber Tarp 24' x 27' Lumber Tarp Black Lumber Tarp Spread Out on Lawn Blue Lumber Tarp from Side D Ring and Grommet on Black Lumber Tarp Black Lumber Tarp Length
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Lumber Tarps for Flatbed Trailers
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