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Steel Tarps

Steel tarps are useful for securing shorter, heavier loads where longer drops are not necessary. They are waterproof and coated to protect against UV rays and inclement weather. Flatbed steel tarps are thick enough to shield your cargo from road debris during transit and feature 2 rows of reinforced D-rings to keep your load from shifting. Steel tarps also do not typically have a flap, but you can specify on your order if you require one.

Steel Tarp - 16x27 4ft Drop 18oz Vinyl (US made, customizable)
Steel Tarp - 16x27 4ft Drop 18oz Vinyl (US made, customizable)
Our American-made steel tarps are used to secure and protect cargo on flatbed trailers. The waterproof, high quality, 18 oz. vinyl protects your load from damaging UV rays and inclement weather, and will shield it during transit from any damage due to flying debris or the elements. These tarps have two rows of D-rings to anchor your load firmly in place and prevent any shifting or sliding. Many flatbed tarps found online are imported from China and are made from low-quality vinyl with insufficient coating and D-rings; they simply do not hold up and are difficult to patch or repair. Save yourself time, money, and frustration with this durable, reliable flatbed tarp made in the U.S.A.

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