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Pioneer HR1500PTO Tarping System for Hooklift and Rolloff Trucks (Steel)

Pioneer HR1500PTO Tarping System for Hooklift and Rolloff Trucks (Steel)
Item #: 20071
Part #: HR1500PTO
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Pioneer HR1500PTO Tarping System for Hooklift and Rolloff Trucks (Steel)
Item #: 20071
Part #: HR1500PTO
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HR1500 Econocover

This steel system is for multi-axle roll-off trucks that carry containers from 16' to 24' in length. The most economical automatic tarping system offered for these trucks, the HR1500PTO Econocover comes with an adjustable gantry, right angle direct drive hydraulic motor and torsion spring-activated pivot arms. Your options include reinforced, unbreakable steel or aluminum pivot arms. This system also has heavy duty torsion spring arms, a gantry range of 60" to 96" and a heavy duty mesh tarp. The quality design yields lower maintenance and provides for fast, easy installation (estimated 8 hours). If you are looking for a heavier duty system with more versatility, check out the HR2500 Medium-Duty Roll Off Tarp System with adjustable gantry and sliding arms!

The Econocover Advantage

The HR1500PTO uses your truck's hydraulic system and is powered by our right angle hydraulic direct-drive motor/gearbox combo. The roller assembly is mounted to the hydraulically-powered adjustable gantry with the vertical range of 60" to 96". To deploy the tarp, the motor unwinds the cover from the roller while the torsion-spring powered pivot arms move to cover the load. This model comes with a pivot arm of Heavy Duty Steel Tubing. The standard tarp for this system is the 9' wide expandable Heavy Duty Mesh. This fixed-arm system is an excellent choice when hauling the same sized containers (length and height). The tarp is housed in a hydraulic gantry that moves vertically from 60 to 96 inches. 99% of all dumpsters are 22' long; some of the newer ones are 24'. This system will work with both; if you work with different sizes of containers, set up your system (when you're initially installing it) to accommodate the biggest container; the arms will just hang over on the smaller ones.

Notes on Adjustable Gantry:

The purpose of the adjustable gantry is to extend the life of the tarp. It allows you to gently lower the tarp over your load instead of dragging it across, which will significantly reduce damage and wear. All gantries, telescopic or fixed, require 10" of clearance for the roller rest, though a fixed gantry can sometimes be modified for limited clearance.


  • Comes with a 9' wide tarp made of expandable heavy duty mesh.
  • Hydraulic motor/gearbox assembly winds and unwinds the tarp using the truck's existing hydraulics
  • Fixed length, pivoting arms made from heavy duty steel tubing are powered by reverse wound torsion springs
  • Arms also available in an extruded aluminum option
  • The fixed arms do not extend; arms rest on the rear door of the dumpster when it's in the "covered position."
  • Hydraulically powered adjustable gantry moves vertically from 60" to 96"
  • Works with 22- to 24-foot containers.
  • Recommended for tandem and tri-axle hook lift trucks and cable/roll-off trucks and trailers.
  • Handles 20- to 50-yard containers up to 24? long

Parts Included:

  • 9' wide expandable Heavy Duty Mesh Tarp
  • Roll Pin (5/16" x 1-1/2')
  • Arm Mounting Bracket (5/8")
  • Retaining Ring
  • Left and right Base Arm
  • Upper Arm 13' Steel
  • Cover Spring
  • Left and right side steel bow
  • Clevis eye pad
  • Rear Section 9' Steel
  • 90 degree ELL
  • Clevis Pin with cotter
  • 3 Adapters
  • Roller Assembly
  • complete Gantry Assembly
  • -8 SAE M x -8 JIC M ELL
  • Flow Diverter at 5 GPM
  • -4 SAE M Plug
  • Chassis Mounting Angle
  • Hydraulic Cylinder with 36" Lift
  • Cover Control Valve (2 spool)
  • -6 x 9' hose, -6 x 6' hose
  • -6 JIC M x -6 JIC F 90 degree ELL

NOTE: Tray requires 10 to 12 inches space behind cab.

Replacement Covers Available

9-1/2' x 28' Reinforced Black Mesh, 9-1/2' x 28' Cordura (Pennsylvania DOT spec), 8' x 28' Tuff Cover Mesh for scrap applications

This is the steel model, click here for aluminum.

If you need to replace the arms only, you will need these parts:

Roller replacement involves 3 parts: left, center, and right side roll, in addition to any springs, bearings, or other parts that may need to be replaced. See diagrams for complete replacement parts.

Please feel free to Contact Us with any Questions. Thank You!