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Pioneer HR1500HAL Tuff Tarper Refuse Tarping System - Aluminum

Pioneer HR1500HAL Tuff Tarper Refuse Tarping System - Aluminum
Item #: 20070
Part #: HR1500HAL
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Pioneer HR1500HAL Tuff Tarper Refuse Tarping System - Aluminum
Item #: 20070
Part #: HR1500HAL
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Tuff-Tarper Series

The Tuff-Tarper systems are designed for single axle cable hoist and hooklift trucks.

These systems can cover open-top, fixed height containers ranging from 8’ to 16’. These systems are available in semiautomatic, automatic and hydraulic.

HR1500H Tuff-Tarper with Hydraulic Gantry

The HR1500HAL is a hydraulic tarp system for single axle hook lift trucks which features:

A Direct Drive Hydraulic Motor for quiet, smooth and steady movement

An adjustable roller assembly mounted on a hydraulic gantry with a vertical range of 60” to 96”

Uses your truck’s pre-existing hydraulic system

This unit comes with reinforced aluminum side mounted pivot arms

Heavy duty reverse wound torsion springs assist pivot arm movement in deployment

For driver’s safety, a flow diverter and control valve help to operate the roller at lower pressures

Easy installation

Low Maintenance

Comes with Heavy Duty Mesh Tarp

The Tuff-Tarper Advantage

The HR1500HAL uses your pre-existing hydraulic system and is powered by a right angle hydraulic direct-drive motor/gearbox combo. As the tarp is deployed, the hydraulic motor unwinds the cover from the roller while the torsion-spring powered pivot arms move to cover the load. These units come standard with a 9’ wide expandable heavy duty mesh tarp.

Notes on Adjustable Gantry:

The purpose of the adjustable gantry is to extend the life of the tarp. It allows you to gently lower the tarp over your load instead of dragging it across, which will significantly reduce damage and wear. All gantries, telescopic or fixed, require 10" of clearance for the roller rest, though a fixed gantry can sometimes be modified for limited clearance.

Parts Include:

Roll Pin (5/16” x 1 ½”), Arm Mounting Bracket, Retaining Ring (Side Mount), Left and Right side base arm (side mount), Upper Arm 9 ½’ Aluminum, 2 Straight Bow Corners, Cover Spring, Rear Section 9’ Aluminum, 90 degree ELL, Clevis Pin with Cotter, Roller Assembly, Gantry Assembly, -8 SAE M x -8 JIC F 90 degree ELL, Flow diverter at 5 GPM, Sae M Plug, Chassis Mounting angle, Gantry Cylinder 36’ Lift, Cover control valve -2 spool, Hydraulic Hose (-6 x 9’), Hydraulic Hose (-6 x 6’), -6 SAE M x -6 JIC F 90 degree ELL, -6 SAE M x -8 JIC M Straight Adapter and an adapter.

Replacement covers:

9’x 19’ Heavy Duty Mesh and 9’ x 19’ Deluxe Asphalt

Please feel free to Contact Us with any Questions. Thank You!