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Rubber Tarp Straps

Rubber Tie Down Straps: Natural vs. EPDM Rubber
Tarp straps are commonly available in two rubber varieties: Natural Rubber and EPDM rubber. Each type has its distinct advantages and considerations, and understanding these differences can assist in making the right choice for specific applications, potentially saving both time and money.

Natural Rubber
Natural rubber is derived from processing latex obtained from rubber trees. It is a product of the tree itself, collected through tapping, akin to the process used in harvesting sap for maple syrup. This type of rubber exhibits superior stretchability, retains its original shape well, and performs reliably under cold conditions.

EPDM Rubber
In contrast, EPDM rubber is a synthetically produced polymer developed in the 1960s to meet the demands of higher industrial pressures. While natural rubber may not withstand heat or prolonged UV exposure effectively, EPDM rubber shares similar physical properties while excelling in resisting heat and weather. Over extended use, it may become less elastic and not return to its original length, a characteristic generally manageable in the trucking industry, where bungees are frequently stretched for optimal usage.

Guidelines for Use: A practical guideline is to opt for Natural Rubber during winter and EPDM for summer use. However, depending on the specific driving conditions, one may choose to stick with a single type or have both on hand. If priorities include longevity, length retention, or heat endurance, understanding the characteristics of each rubber type becomes crucial.

For most applications under normal conditions, either material will suffice. Still, to maximize the lifespan of your investment, it's advisable to be mindful of the unique properties associated with each rubber type, preventing potential issues such as a strap breaking while driving and dealing with a billowing tarp. While we generally recommend EPDM tie-down straps for most applications, drivers operating in or traversing northern regions, especially during winter, may find it beneficial to switch to natural rubber.

Rubber Tarp Straps

Our heavy-duty bungee straps include the following features:

  • Fits all tarps, all sizes
  • Available in several lengths, to best suit your need
  • Heavy-duty construction for maximum performance
  • Zinc-plated S-hooks pre-installed on either end
  • Hooks are secured in a tear drop end, molded from high-grade EPDM compound to hold up against heat and UV rays
  • Sold by the case, 50 straps per case

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Rubber Tarp Straps

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