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FLIP TARP SYSTEMS for dump trucks up to 38', available in electric or manual, steel or aluminum. See our great prices on these systems!
SIDE ROLL KITS for agricultural containers - roll-up kits include all necessary end caps, bows, and hardware.
MESH TARPS in standard and heavy duty, with pockets for your roller, cut in any size.
ASPHALT TARPS in waterproof vinyl, hot top/RFL coated, and urethane coated.
FLATBED TARPS for lumber and steel. Vinyl with D-rings and 4' to 8' drops for maximum protection.
PIONEER SYSTEMS for light to heavy duty construction, hooklift and rolloff trucks.
REPLACEMENT PARTS AND ACCESSORIES for all tarp applications, including arms, electrical components, bungees, and more.

Welcome to Carolina Tarps

At Carolina Tarps, we offer quality tarps, tarping systems, and accessories at competitive prices, in any quantity. We pride ourselves on fast delivery and good customer service. No matter what type of truck or trailer you have or what you're hauling, we'll do our best to help you find the tarp you need for the job you have. Our tarps are designed to stand up to everyday wear and tear and are available in a variety of sizes, styles, colors, and configurations so you can find the exact tarp solution you need.

Among our available tarps are:

  • Asphalt truck covers
  • Automatic arm systems
  • Canvas tarps
  • Coil tarps
  • Container truck tarps
  • Custom tarps
  • Dump truck tarps
  • Flatbed tarps
  • Front to back cable systems
  • General usage tarps
  • Grain truck tarps
  • Heavy duty tarps
  • Landscaping tarps
  • Lightweight tarps
  • Lumber tarps
  • Manual arm systems
  • Mesh tarps
  • Nursery shade cloth
  • Pick-up truck tarps
  • Poly tarps
  • Refuse tarps
  • Roll tarps
  • Steel tarps
  • Trailer tarps
  • Truck tarps

Remember that a high mesh count, heavy denier (fiber density), and thick poly coating make for an especially durable tarp. Ideally, you want a tarp that is lightweight but will hold up under heavy usage or harsh conditions. Stitching and D-ring placement are critical factors to consider when choosing your tarp, as is correct sizing. Before ordering, please carefully measure your truck bed, making sure to allow for tall loads, spooling, or overlapping.

Whether you're in agriculture, construction, transportation, trucking, or some other industry, we hope you'll make Carolina Tarps your tarp solution source. Online ordering is fast and easy; all you need is a credit card. No account is necessary, and we process your order within 24 hours on all weekday sales.

Thanks for stopping by; we look forward to doing business with you.

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7' x 12' Mesh Dump Truck Tarp
7' x 12' Mesh Dump Truck Tarp
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7' x 13' Mesh Dump Truck Tarp
7' x 13' Mesh Dump Truck Tarp
Price: $67.00
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